5 of My Most Commonly Asked Questions

Aug 17, 2022

Today I’m answering 5 of my most commonly asked questions.👇

By now, you know I create whatever form of media that feels aligned, so that I can support transformation in the lives of others. I just can’t help it.

1. Do you struggle with "doing" personal development and self care every day?

I used to struggle with this actually, but it during a time when I was looking at my life more like a to-do list. Since I have allowed myself to align with whatever energy is coming next, I let my Soul lead my personal development and self care practices.

2. I'm super beginner in understanding moons, etc. How can I learn more so I can take in the great info you provide? I've always been interested, but have trouble understanding. What would be the best resources for me?

Great question! I would recommend checking out this blog post 10 Ways to Celebrate the Full Moon like a Boss!  If after this you are looking to learn more, The Sanctuary at Amberlight Valley is a self paced learning circle, where I share and expand on all topics considered spiritual!

3. I need help kicking some bad habits. I often over indulge- whether it’s food, wine, staying up too late. My house also has too much clutter. I feel this all goes together. Where should I start?

First of all, I want to honor your awareness. Awareness is the hardest part of most of us to allow into our energy. I have a lovely resource where I cover exactly this. It's called the Six Days Back to Soul ChallengeHowever, this is what helped me to cultivate a deeper sense of trust with myself. I chose one particular habit that I wanted to build on and create, in my morning routine. My morning routine didn't start as this elaborate, fancy, routine/ritual that it is today. It started off very, very, simple. It still feels very simple to me because of how I shifted into this habit stacking method. Basically, I just chose one thing that I really wanted to focus on making part of my routine.


4. How do you invest in yourself when you have very little, to no money?

I wish someone had given me this response years ago:

  •  Investing in yourself doesn't equal monetary investment. Investing in yourself starts with an awareness that YOU deserve to be taken care of, loved on, and celebrated.
  •  Investing in yourself is choosing the path of aligned actions inspired by Soul.
  •  Investing in yourself is going on that walk.
  •  Investing in yourself is reading the books on your shelf that have been sitting for ages. 
  •  Investing doesn't always mean "paying for something".
  •  I invite you to journal a little bit on what money stories you may have adopted, and uncover your personal truths. 

Once I truly started investing in my happiness by taking aligned actions daily, the money piece became simple and easy.


5. Wait, I thought you were a Fiction writer? Why all the woo?

Haha! Both are true. I write YA Fantasy Fiction, Children's books, Non-Fiction, Screenplays, and Poetry. My Soul Alchemy Coaching, In Person Circles, the Sanctuary membership, and my courses happen to be one of my other gifts in this lifetime. Helping people transform is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, and you will always find that in my work whether it is a book, a movie, a course, etc.

There you have it, your questions answered. 🙌 

If you have another question that we haven't answered here, simply leave a comment here on the blog, and I’ll be happy to help out. 😊

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