I Led a Guided Meditation to a Circle I'd Never Attended. Here's the Tea!

Aug 15, 2022

Source has a beautiful way of guiding and connecting us with the souls we need, and the ones that need us in their Circle.

I was a first time attendee at a lovely healing circle up here in the White Mountains. This was the first circle like atmosphere that I participated in that I wasn’t a facilitator, or leading circle. However, there was a need today, and that need was someone willing to lead the collective through a meditation.

The planned facilitator for circle, and the beautiful soul that invited me *Claire, had fallen ill and wasn't able to attend. She had texted me and still encouraged me to attend. Honestly, I really hope that she recovers soon and I am sending her so much love.

My mom, who sat to my left, started nudging me and egging me on, “Do it! You gotta do it!” It was really cute, I could see how proud she was that I am now sharing my gifts. I laughed and essentially said, that if it is meant to be, it will happen. 

The next thing I know, *Ashley offered up to the circle, if anyone was willing to lead a meditation. I felt my arm fly up, and realized that… Yep. I indeed, had volunteered to lead this group of 16 through a meditation. 

What unfolded through that meditation, was beyond anything I have ever experienced, and I am so honored to have had this opportunity today. That being said, I will not disclose anything that was discussed during circle. I will, however, share what I walked away with today. 

After I took a soak in the tub with a monster load of epsom salt, I just sort of allowed my mind to wander and relax. This of course is when all the wisdom seems to pour out through us right? Just me? Beuller? 


Anyway, this is what came through for me out of this experience today.

When you find yourself in deep alignment with soul, the old fears and old stories that used to come up like that one fly at a barbecue... don't seem to come up as much, or affect you as much anymore. 

These old stories are like a drug, they give us something that makes us feel empowered, even when we are clearly identifying that which is perceived as victimhood. We gain some amount of support, attention, love, validation, and more - when we allow our past to dictate who we are today. Somewhere in there, we are benefitting in some way.

Since these are the feelings we crave, feelings we desire more than anything else, the mind looks for the easiest frequency that matches. When it is easy, the behavior is easier to repeat and to normalize, no matter how damaging it might be.



Do not mistake this as speaking on trauma. I'm not a therapist, I am a Soul Alchemist... just a reminder. We all have experienced trauma in a way at some point. My personal belief co-created with Source is: "Not one person’s trauma is better or worse than yours."

When you truly understand this, it becomes so much easier to love ourselves, forgive ourselves, and eventually transform ourselves. It spreads like an energetic wave, radiating outward from you to the global community, every time you heal yourself, celebrate yourself, and honor your Soul.

During the meditation, I allowed myself to be completely guided, and totally led by Source. I completely surrendered to not knowing what was coming next, and trusted that it was what these Starlings needed today. 

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I walked around the inside of the circle, and felt called to stand for the majority. At one point I connected deeply with Mother Earth as I knelt down and put my hands on the ground. When it felt like the message was complete and the words came to a close, the energy in the room was radically different.

Today’s impromptu display of one of my most vulnerable gifts was incredibly well received, further solidifies and amplifies my decision to bring them out. It was such an honor and a blessing to be a conduit today. 

What happens in circle, stays in circle. The only exception is what you brought to the circle, which is why I am 100% going to be recording this meditation for YOU and this community, so that we can all help to heal and expand the global consciousness. 


*Names changed to honor privacy.

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