How to Set Kickass Intentions for the New Moon

Aug 26, 2022

New Moon Intentions that Just. Hit. Different.

The New Moon is always an exciting time. Just after a short period of darkness, a tiny sliver of light appears, and we begin to see the unfolding of another beautiful moon cycle before us. 

When setting intentions for the New Moon, don't make things overcomplicated for yourself. I don't like making tons of rules for myself, but one of them is finding the fun and joy... letting that lead and guide your process.

What are Intentions, Anyway?

Intentions are more about the energetic frequency and vibration that we want to be at. It is our aligned action and duty to ourselves to continually come back to that specific vibration (the intention) over and over again, until it becomes as involuntary as breathing. 

Intentions are meant to be Embodied. 

What Intentions are NOT

I used to think intentions were something I could just check off my list. To be completely honest, if there was a wrong way to set intentions… I had figured it out and that is how I was operating my life. In the morning I would write down my “intention for the day”.

Typically, I found myself thinking of something I wanted to “get done” as what my intention would be, and then I would write it down. Naturally, I did a similar thing for the New Moon. I would think of some sort of goal that I could check off or manifest during the moon cycle, but I wouldn’t revisit that energy daily.

For example, I know I have used this as an intention before: “Move my body in a loving way.” Of course, initially this sounds like exercise, and is usually what I had in mind when this came up as an intention.

It wasn’t that I was wrong for writing it, or setting it as my intention… I just didn’t understand the true impact Intention setting could have, when done in alignment with Soul. I didn’t realize that to truly set the intention to “move my body in a loving way”, is to normalize the action daily. This goes for any intention we are setting.

I was just passively writing down whatever I thought I should be writing. I was half-assing my intentions and had no clue. Not to mention… I didn’t give my Soul a voice in my intention setting!

NOW, my Soul and I work together in harmony to set intentions, and so much is coming through. I am also using my whole ass now, which makes a big difference!  ;)

The New Moon is the perfect time to create new intentions for the current moon cycle. You have the power to start fresh, and you have the power to decide. This moment is yours.

Take some time to unplug and reset. This is a beautiful time to physically clean your living space, and make room for new energy in your life. Allow yourself some space for self care and energetic healing. Maybe you feel like doing this through movement, or scribbling it out in your journal. Trust your energy.

Get Clear on What you Desire

Initially, I was going to say get clear on what you want, but Desire actually represents a deeper kind of energy than “want”. Before we dive into the how, let’s bring the energy of desire into your current reality.  

Take a look at the etymology of the word Desire.

desire (v.)

"to wish or long for, express a wish to obtain," c. 1200, desiren, from Old French desirrer (12c.) "wish, desire, long for," from Latin desiderare "long for, wish for; demand, expect," the original sense perhaps being "await what the stars will bring," from the phrase de sidere "from the stars," from sidus (genitive sideris) "heavenly body, star, constellation" (but see consider). Related: Desired; desiring.

Harper, D. (n.d.). Etymology of desire. Online Etymology Dictionary. Retrieved August 26, 2022, from

Your Desires, are literally a gift from the stars, the heavens, the Universe. Can you see how understanding the the origin of this word, shifts the energy and frequency around it? Desire feels so much different than want, and I'm sure you can see that now.

In order to find clarity around your Desire(s), it is important that you are consistently working with identifying your untruths and borrowed stories.

If we don’t know what is actually true for ourselves, we cannot identify what we truly Desire. I’m not saying that you need an identity overhaul. You only need to have insight into one untruth (false belief) or borrowed story, to reveal your path and heart’s desires.

Identify one moment, where you can feel into the way something or someone else made you feel a certain way, and you then accepted that moment as truth - and part of your identity. Just one, clears enough energetic clutter to reveal your truth. Your Desire.

For example, I accepted it as part of my identity growing up that I was short. I embodied that as part of my identity the first time someone said it to me. 

Yes, this is a simplified example but it functions exactly the same way. Believe it or not, the untruth of my shortness actually held a ton of power over me that I had no idea existed. Of course, that was until I challenged the belief myself.

(I swear that I will be writing an entire blog post about how I made myself grow! It's B-A-N-A-N-A-S!)


Set Your Kickass New Moon Intentions

Think of setting your Intention like planting a seed into the soil.

The seed must be gently watered, cared for, and tended to throughout its germination process. If you want, you could even plant an actual seed indoors and utilize this to focus on your specific desire, pouring loving energy into the plant each time you see it and tend to it. Imagine that as the seed begins to unfold, and the roots stretch out into the soil, that your intention is grounding deep into the earth. 

As the moon begins to wax, moving into its subsequent phases, feel into the energy of your seed of intention (be it physical or through visualization) growing and waxing with that same Lunar energy. It is important to know, that the divine timing of your desire coming to fruition and manifesting into your reality is not up to you to know.

Trust that the intention is set. Trust that the seed knows what to do. 



New Moon Journal Prompts

If you need a little support in getting your creative juices flowing, here are a handful of New Moon Journal Prompts. Taking time to reflect and shine light on what you desire and what you desire to change is a beautiful practice to work together with New Moon Energy.

  • Which feelings do I want to feel during this next moon cycle?
  • What actions can I take (or not take) to help create and cultivate more of these feelings?
  • What currently feels out of alignment for me, that I want to bless and release?
  • What feels true for me, right now, in this moment?
  • How do I want my body to feel during this moon cycle?
  • What actions can I take (or not take) to help create and cultivate more of these feelings in my physical body?
  • What would feel really fulfilling for me to do during this moon cycle? (Goals, ideas, projects, etc.)
  • What actions can I take (or not take) to help support this fulfillment coming to fruition?

I would love to hear your takeaways below in the comments! Better yet, what Intention are you Embodying? 

With Love +Whimsy,


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