My Life-Changing Trip to Spiritual Sedona + Travel Guide [PART 3]

Mar 21, 2022

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To say that 2022 has been Transformational for me is barely scratching the Surface. So much has happened in the best of ways, and my trip with my mom to Sedona really kicked things into high gear for me. This trip was a gift, given to us by my Dad for Christmas, and I really want to thank him for this. That being said, I am so excited to share my trip with you, my favorite places to eat, and places to go. Let’s dive in to part 3 of this four part blog series!

Day 3 

Another beautiful morning in Sedona had me doing another yoga flow with the sunrise, and I sat outside for a little bit to enjoy the fresh air. Once I felt complete, I grabbed my cards, sat down by the fire, and set my intentions for the day. We opted to take today nice and slow, full of rest and rejuvenation leading up to the massages we had booked.

We walked up to the Poco Diablo Restaurant to have breakfast, and locate the spa for later. I had oatmeal, because I love oatmeal in the mornings. It is so filling! We also ordered some Bagels for breakfast the next day.

The Spa was beautiful, and immediately evokes a sense of calm and peacefulness when you walk through the doors. We were greeted kindly by the receptionist and chatted with her for a few moments. I spotted some Eucalyptus Epsom Salts and bought a bag for myself to use back at the Villa in the fancy bathtub.

We were really looking forward to our massages later that day, and headed back to the Villa to take some photos in the woods just outside, and to kick back for a bit. I really enjoyed the Eucalyptus Bath Salts I purchased, and loved soaking in that huge bathtub. Afterwards, I spent some time working on my new website (and I love it so much!). 

My mom and I decided it would be a good idea to pack the car today, so that we didn't have to run around like crazy in the morning trying to get it all done. I highly recommend doing this on your next trip. Keep out a small bag to put your pajamas and toiletries in, and the clothes you plan to wear the next day, and leaving your space will be a total breeze!

Once the car was packed, we checked out some of the photos mom had taken on her Canon EOS 60D and added them to my Google drive. It's a good thing we did this too, since the SD card was getting a bit full.

The Spa at Poco Diablo (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Finally it was time for our Spa treatments, so we walked back up to the spa prepared for some serious relaxation. We both got the Desert Wellness Package and had it in the couples room, so we could experience it together! We were able to choose which essential oils we wanted to have in our treatment. 

  • Mom chose a combination of Ylang Ylang and Bergamot
  • I chose a combination of Vetiver and Lavender

Here is what the 2 Hour Desert Wellness Package entails:

"A Sedona favorite for good reason - equal parts warmth and healing with a personalized Hot Stone Massage and Essential Oil Wrap. Select your own unique oil blend to incorporate into your treatment. Begin with gentle exfoliation to improve lymphatic flow. Melt worries away with your full body Hot Stone massage before being cocooned in a healing wrap. A foot massage and anti-aging face balm complete this soothing experience."

My therapist was Melonie Perry and I had an incredible experience. I may dive into this deeper on another blog post, or keep this sacred experience to myself... I'm not sure just yet. In any case, I would absolutely recommend Melonie as a massage therapist. What an incredible experience.

We ended up eating our Bagels for dinner instead, since we remembered this beautiful restaurant we wanted to try for Breakfast on our last day. The remainder of the evening was spent listening to music, visiting, and falling asleep!

With Love + Whimsy,


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