The Only Planner I Use Now as a Modern Mystic and Entrepreneur

The Only Planner I Use Now as a Modern Mystic and Entrepreneur

Aug 13, 2022

I used to think that I didn’t know how to “do” life, even though I was using a Planner!

At one point I had six different planners at once and was working in all of them because I enjoyed different aspects of each. Ultimately I realized I was just cluttering up my mental space, and was “doing” something completely unsustainable for my self.

Beyond being completely chaotic and un-sustainable, working with six different planners was totally out of alignment with what my soul wanted.

My soul craves simplicity… luxurious simplicity.

Whenever I come back to this, and remember what it is that I truly desire, decision making comes with ease. I thought that I needed all of these things to support me, because there were different aspects of each planner I enjoyed and wanted to utilize in my life.

After spending some quality time with my soul, we concluded that luxurious simplicity is my baseline and my North Star.

Once I shifted this energy, the chaos and clutter fell away easily, allowing me to see what would serve me the best. It was so easy for me to see what was going to be the biggest support for me. 

Instead of sharing all about the planners I no longer use, (which each still hold a very special place in my heart) I want to share all about the magic planner that I do use, and how I shifted it to work the best for me, my brain, and my life.

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So... which planner is my golden goose? Which one did I feel most aligned with after years of planner research and chaos? The Magic of I Planner!

Magic of I Planner

I have used this planner multiple times in the past, but it was with a half-assed commitment since I had all of the other ones playing shiny-object-syndrome with my brain. Once I made the decision, from a place of joy, empowerment, and conviction to use my Magic of I planner, life shifted. One of the big things that was revealed to me, came through a question that Source and my Soul have had me asking other people for a long time:

What did you love to do as a child?

When it came to simplifying my planner life to ONLY ONE planner… I felt it necessary to explore this question myself. For the record, once I hit middle school and I got my first academic planner I was hooked for life. Before I got bit by the planner bug, one of my favorite ways to express myself on paper (besides writing) was through stickers and drawing.

I actually remember being on vacation in Meadview, Arizona and staying with my grandparents. My mom would send me scratch and sniff Peppermint Rose stickers (and if you know/remember who Peppermint Rose is… you are probably super cool and we should be besties) and I always was so excited when my Mahma would take me to the post office.

This is significant for me, because I have always loved using stickers (any Lisa Frank collectors out there?) and felt the calling to get myself some planning stickers that felt luxurious and beautiful for me.

What happened next?

I filled my Magic of I planner with so much color, magic, and stickers!

Isn’t it funny how one small shift can make all the difference in the world for our heart and soul?

I also stopped caring what other people thought about how I organize my thoughts, life, events, and activities.

So what if I have a planner filled with stickers?

It makes me outrageously happy.

The minimalist in me, loves the simplicity of the chic astrological design on the outside and the creative in me bursts with joy and excitement once I open it up! (If I'm giving you Gemini Vibes, it is because Gemini is my Sun Sign.)

Honestly, I believe that our personal planners are somewhat a reflection of how we are feeling on the inside. Ever have those days where you completely forget to look at what’s going on, and put yourself, your body, your emotions, and your mental health on the back burner? I know I have.

Those are usually the days where I am feeling my old thought patterns, and bringing pain from the past into the now. This obviously doesn’t serve me, or anyone else for that matter… but what it does do, is help to gain awareness about your overall health and well being.

How I use my Magic of I Planner

Daily Check In

In the mornings I connect with myself first through meditation and affirmations. Then, open my planner and take a look at what opportunities I want to experience or create for the day. Much of the time this is done completely in flow, allowing myself and allowing the day to unfold organically, but with intention and minimal structure.   I typically leave a significant portion of my days open for creativity, so that I can create as I am inspired and as the energy comes up for me.

Weekly Update

On Sundays, I like to pull out my phone and add any new events that have come up, to my physical planner, in the weekly and monthly spreads. What I love about this is that it gives me a checkpoint for what is coming up during the week.

Monthly Alignment

At the very end of the current month, I pull out my laptop and iCal, the family wall calendar, and my planner. I add new events and activities that are coming up to everything, so that my family and I are on the same page. This has been a wonderful helper for me, since it has eliminated the need for my son and husband to ask me questions about what is going on in our world. This step alone, has been a game changer for my brain. I don’t need to remember everything for everyone!

New Moon & Full Moon

The Magic of I Planner has a section for each month to write down your New Moon Intentions and Full Moon Illuminations. I love that there is a dedicated space for me to work with the Moon in my planner, that gives me a beautiful opportunity to manifest, reflect, and let go.

In addition to the Magic of I planner, I use a Magic of I journal every single day. Once I started writing in the journal, I realized that I couldn’t go back to any other kind. The paper quality is fantastic, and the same texture as the planner. I love writing in this planner and journal, it is almost as if the pen is excited to glide across the page when I write, further deepening my intentions, beliefs, and plans. 

How I use my Journal 

I pretty much take my planner and journal with me everywhere I go, which is another reason I really love Magic of I. The planner and journal don’t take up an astronomical amount of space in my bag, and the “system of planners” I used before was just a clustertruck to figure out how to pack for traveling. 

My journal is an expression of my soul. I write down my dreams, desires, beautiful epiphanies brought to me by Source, affirmations, and inspiring content I want to write down from Instagram. I find that I utilize my journal more and more, as it is a lovely companion to my planner. 

It has been quite the journey to figure out which planner supported me fully, and supported me best. I have let go of so many lovely and beautiful planners, and I'm so grateful for the support they brought me. Magic of I is a staple for me now, and completely supports my love of stickers and creativity. 

Along the way, I also realized that it is never about “doing” life, and it always come back to how we are “being” in the world.

I would love to know, what planner do you use? Are you a physical planner person? Digital? Are you a sticker super fan like me? Share and let me know in the comments!

With Love + Whimsy,


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