The Simple Truth about Wealth Consciousness

Aug 19, 2022

Lately I have been fascinating myself with Wealth Consciousness, and what that looks like for me. I have had the mind of an entrepreneur, heart of a creative, and soul of a mystic ever since I was a little girl. 

One of my most recent discoveries (and untruths) in my own mindset around money, was that it wasn’t truly safe for me to make money and keep it. There is so much historical evidence around it being unsafe for women to speak their truth to the world. In today’s reality, social media and other outlets make it easier for the public to send you to the Pillory and say any number of hurtful or humiliating words to you.

Why did I feel unsafe to be a Wildly Wealthy Woman?

I was afraid for the world to see me, because I was afraid to be myself. I associated wealth and having money with being super visible, and have had some traumas in the past that made being visible a very scary experience.

Middle school provided me with many of these moments. The one that stands out the most, was when I had the courage to ask the boy I liked to a dance in 8th grade. I had written him a note (because texting cost money back in those days… remember?), and had it passed to him on the opposite side of the room.



Of course my fellow classmates were happy to pass the note along, and eventually it made its way into the right hands. Laughter and humiliation filled the air, sending me running out of the classroom in tears. 

What does this have to do with wealth consciousness?

Well, in this current world and paradigm, we require money (currency) in order to live our lives. In order to receive said money, we choose to work doing “something” in exchange. Usually this trade or profession is something we are deeply passionate about or is a stepping stone to get to our greater passion. 

I had decided as a 13 year old young woman, that:

Confidence + Speaking My Truth and Heart = Pain, Embarrassment, and Public Humiliation

With that belief, it comes as no surprise that I hadn’t been experiencing my entrepreneurial pursuits in the way I truly desired deep down. I. WAS. SCARED. I’m not 13 anymore, and this age old belief clearly isn’t serving me. The belief is alchemized into an untruth, and I let it go. Deuces Mrs. 8th Grade Untruth, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

What’s my new belief?

Confidence + Speaking My Truth and Heart = Abundance, Wealth, and Joy

This translates to: It is safe for me to be a Wildly Wealthy Woman.

When these deep untruths surface and reveal the damage we have allowed, it hurts, it bleeds, and if we allow it to… it heals. If we unconsciously decide that we don’t want this “wound around wealth” (or anything for that matter) to heal, we will keep opening and re-injuring the wound over and over again. 

My work - my healing work that I do with clients, doesn’t start and end with them. This work has and always will, continue to originate from the work I am doing with my own soul. It has taken 35 years (and a handful of months) but here I am, standing in my truths unapologetically before you. I have found a deep confidence and trust in myself that I absolutely did not have before. Alignment happens naturally.

What I want to leave you with today is that it is ok to rewrite the stories you are telling yourself. You have been trying to highlight, erase, and work on this rough draft from ages ago… written by multiple authors, the people and experiences who have helped shape you. That rough draft is not who you are. You are a beautifully complete manuscript, with gold foiling on the cover, chapters of wisdom and adventure. Dare to drop the rough draft, and open up the book. Allow your beauty to unfold before you, and be ok with not knowing what is coming next.

Spoiler Alert: Great things are what’s coming next.

With Love + Whimsy,


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