Ultra High Vibe Nutrients for the Modern Soulful CEO

Oct 13, 2022

Transform your Intentions into Nutrients that Nourish your Work and Soul

The other day I was sitting outside, and I was reading my own journal… which is weird because It’s not something that I have ever really put intention into. I shook off awkward feelings about what it looked like to be reading my own journal and decided to go on an adventure. 30 minutes of reading felt like a good stopping point for me, really so I didn't feel overwhelmed. 

I was looking for perspective.

Since this was my first intentional journey into the depths of my mind via reading the words I poured into my journal, I wanted to be on the look out for patterns, signs, and any wisdom that has surfaced since the first Full Moon of 2022. The first page was written on the Wolf Moon, and since I started writing in this journal... so much has shifted in my life!

There is something I'd like you to keep in mind with this list, and that is to think of each item in terms of its energetic nutrition, and how that nutrient is showing up in your life right now. Think of this list as an integration and embodiment adventure for your Soul.

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If you're bummed that this list isn't a bunch of yummy snacks or supplements, let me know in the comments and maybe I'll put together some Ultra High Vibe Foods & Supplements for the Modern Soulful CEO? (Honestly sounds like a super fun foodie adventure I am totally willing to volunteer as tribute for!)

In any case, I think you will be pleasantly surprised, and excited to get back to working on your dream and sharing your message with the world after reading through this. Remember that with everything that I share, my hope is that you find inspiration and curate your own beautiful flow that is in alignment with your Soul and your Desires.

*Back to my adventure and looking for some kind of magic in my Journal.*

One of the patterns that emerged in a way, came to me as I was reading and shortly after I was done, I started writing down what felt aligned. What came to life on the page in front of me felt so magical. I felt like I had unearthed a beautiful trunk full of riches, treasure, happiness, joy, and gratitude. Naturally, I wanted to come share this with you… so that you too can benefit from these Ultra High Vibe Nutrients for the Modern Soulful CEO.  


My friend and mentor Jessica Caver Lindholm presented the idea of Beauty as a Nutrient, which sent me on this Journal Vision Quest that brought you this blog post today. The idea that Aesthetic (Beauty, Design, Color, Surroundings, Cleanliness, Simplicity, Opulence, and the like) was deeply spiritual and nourishing to the Soul really resonated with me. Naturally, I found myself looking to discover if I valued anything else to the same degree.

I have read before that creative people are messy people... however, I believe that operating from this mindset is a self-fulfilling-prophecy if we stay there. The space around us generates a certain frequency. The higher the frequency, the more elevated the energy. What makes this so exciting is that you have creative control over the frequencies you surround yourself with. Recently I made a purchase in complete alignment with this Nutrient... yes, you saw it just a moment ago.

These Karl Lagerfeld Shoes and this beautiful Vogue Poster represent so, so much to me. The art is going to hang in a room inside my dream house that I had a vision about right after I purchased it. I can't tell you about it just yet, because I have some BIG plans and I can't wait to see them all come together!

My Mom gifted these shoes to me when we were out shopping, totally unexpected and yet totally - absolutely my Mom! When I tried these shoes on, it was another energetic layering of my highest self. When you envision yourself stepping into that next version of yourself... what does that look like? I'm not saying you need to buy new shoes (shop in your own closet first!), but I think you are on the same page as I am. Right? 

You don't need to renovate your house because it isn't vibrationally in alignment with where you want to be. If you need to change your vibe, head to a co-working facility, a local coffee shop, the lobby of a fancy hotel, or a quiet bench at a nearby park. The limitations we believe that we have, are social constructs... and it is our divine duty to deconstruct them. Embodying and embracing the Nutrient of Aesthetic is within reach.


The beautiful thing about Water, is how fluid an energy it is and how well our bodies respond to its support. Hydration as a support system and focus for your body, makes a world of difference in so many ways. Water is clearly (see what I did there?) an essential part of our lives, but most likely we are treating it as an afterthought. Why do we do this? 

My theory is that we are so used to having water in our lives, we don't give it a second thought or if we are thinking about water... it is not with much depth or substance. Water has become an expectation and an unappreciated expectation at best.

There is something so incredibly sacred about having access to clean running and drinking water, and consuming it with appreciation for the life-sustaining nutrient that it is. 

When you drink water, and an adequate amount of it... it holds so many wonderful benefits. It is naturally cleansing. You have Glowing Skin. You feel more Energy. Showing up as your highest expression of self, includes a vibrant, glowing, and healthy version of yourself, right? Well of course it does!

One of the ways I make sure I am well hydrated is through aesthetics. I love cute custom tumblers and love to feel high vibe when I'm drinking my water. I also like to give my water a little blessing and gratitude after I have filled up my tumbler, and before I take my first sip. It just adds a little more intentionality in my water, and of course adds to the high vibration.


To support and enhance the rejuvenation properties of water, I love to add Chlorophyll to mine. Chlorophyll is Nature’s beautiful gift of life, the life blood of every green plant on this planet. I consider Chlorophyll to be a vital part of my Sacred Plant Medicine support team, and love how easy it was to weave into my existing routine.

Before you get too excited, Chlorophyll is NOT a replacement for fruits and veggies, but it can serve as a lovely support to include more green in your diet. I love Sakara's liquid Chlorophyll drops, here is what they have to say about them: 

"Our blend of chlorophyll is harvested from white mulberry leaf for its ultra-healing benefits—including helping the body rid toxins by moving them as waste through the GI tract." -SAKARA

Since I have been taking Chlorophyll in my water consistently, I feel so much more vibrant, my skin feels more youthful and glowy, and I also feel more clarity around my decisions. Who knows if this is related, but I figured I would share! It is important to note that Chlorophyll is photosensitive, which means that you have a higher chance of getting a sunburn when you are consuming it. My suggestion (besides asking your doctor if this is a good supplement for your personal wellness routine) is to make sure that you protect your skin with a sunscreen and do your due diligence.


Spending time outdoors in nature is one of the simplest ways to let go, and to be in the present moment. When you are focused on the wind kissing your skin, the leaves dancing in the trees, and the birds singing you silly melodies… you don’t have time or heart space to live in burnout. Being in nature allows you to connect with your body, and to all the elements around you. The best part about going outside, is that it’s free, and you never know what you’re going to see! 

I love going on nature walks with my family, and experiencing the beautiful display mother nature has for the day. You never know what Mother Nature has in store for today, and it reminds me of the old Scandinavian saying, "There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes." No matter where you are in the world, there is an opportunity for you to really experience the gifts that Nature has to share. 

Nature has a way of bringing me back to my divine essence, even more, when I step into allowance and flow. Surrendering to whatever the natural elements present, and taking that beautiful knowledge into your higher being is such a powerful way to create deep change. The elements can be volatile but then again, so can we. The elements can be gentle, and so can we. 

Do you judge a thunderstorm? The same stretch of sky can provide you with an abundance of sunshine. The lessons we learn in nature, can teach us so many beautiful things about ourselves and about our souls. I’m thankful for what Mother Nature shares and gives, and the lessons we can all learn from her.




Identify the practices that evoke calm for you. Connect with your Soul... connect with Source. Don't get so caught up in the adrenaline-junkie-busy culture, that you forget to take time to quiet the mind. Stillness can manifest in multiple ways:

  • Closing the eyes to focus on breathing
  • Meditation of any kind
  • Intentional Nap
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones and a favorite playlist that moves you
  • Slipping into a hot bath
  • Sitting in nature and just listening

What is most important is that you find what aligns for you, what resonates with you, what supports you, and follow through with that. Stillness can look however you want it to, so don't be afraid to get creative.


Your living space includes at least one dedicated space for intentions & manifesting... right? If it doesn't, find some magic within and get to work! What does Sanctuary mean to you? What does it feel like? Look like? Smell like? Taste like? What is the vibrational frequency of Sanctuary for you? Blend the energy of what Sanctuary means to you into all facets of your life, so that your intentions permeate your every moment. 

This can be as simple as bringing in a meaningful item (a crystal, a photo, flowers, etc.) to your bedroom and setting it on your nightstand so that you can see it first thing in the morning. If that item carries the vibration and frequency of Sanctuary for you, you will end and begin your days with a little bit of that energy resonating within. Proximity is Power, and Sanctuary means different things for different people. 

The energy of Sanctuary for you is unique, and can look, feel, smell, and sound however feels signed for you. If you are looking for inspiration, tap into the free resources available inside The Sanctuary at Amberlight Valley.


Luxe Squad

Your choice of 5 items correlating to each of the five senses that connect you to that next level Soulful CEO. Sight. Sound. Smell. Taste. Touch. This Luxe Squad is your go to for a quick energetic overhaul when you need to hit the reset button when you are out and about or just before you head in to your next meeting. You can think of your Luxe Squad as the ingredients that make up your mobile Sanctuary.

I want to also make clear that if you don't have access to all 5 of your senses, this will still work for you. Utilizing what you have access to and creating from that space is exactly what we are going for. 

For Sound, connect with Music... songs that bring you back into alignment with your highest self. Lately I have really been enjoying this Creative Focus Playlist by Apple Music while I'm writing. I like to create different playlists that focus my energy in a specific way, so that I can really be present in the moment with whatever aligned action is coming through at the time.

For Aroma, maybe you choose a perfume, room spray, candle, incense, or essential oil to anchor you to the high vibrational frequency of your most glorious self.

Here is my Luxe Squad that brings me into Alignment with my Higher Self:

  • Aroma: Black Opium Perfume - Yves Saint Laurent
  • Sound: Starships by Nicki Minaj
  • Sight: Gold Earrings 
  • Taste: Petal Botanical Sparkling Water - Peach Marigold 
  • Tactile: Writing in my Journal

Use whatever superpower senses you have to create your personal Luxe Squad. Consider them to be your anchor points in different areas of your life that connect you with and bring you back into alignment with your highest self. 



A sacred place for divine downloads, epiphanies, and Spiritual Council to work through human experiences and come back to Soul... is an absolute essential for the Modern Soulful CEO.

This doesn't have to be a physical journal either! Get creative and flow with whatever energy lights you up the most. You could create an audio journal in your voice memos app. Looking for something that's a little more hands on but not totally analog? Use your notes app on your phone for the simplest (and free) option, or find a fun journal app that you feel aligned with. 

If you are a fan of good old-fashioned-analog writing in journals, you can read all about my favorite Journal and The Only Planner I Use Now as a Modern Mystic and Entrepreneur.


Step into your Authentic Light through deep faith.You believe that there is another way to live. This is where you and I unite in understanding that YOUR emotional well-being is the ultimate catalyst for change. I'm here to remind you that that your Vulnerability is your Magic. Trust in self, in the process of surrender, knowing that you are always being supported by the divine.

If you are looking to dive deeper and move closer to Soul, Six Days Back to Soul might be exactly up your alley! This is a self paced course for the Modern Mystic, that helps you get back to the core energy that is your Soul. 



You deserve and need space for you and only you, however you see fit. I’ve learned to create boundaries in a way that I’ve never known before. It has been the single biggest life-changing habit I’ve experienced. 

One of the most important things you can do is to speak up about how you are feeling, and ask for what you need. Whether you are at home with family, with friends, or at work, your boundaries are how people treat you. This is why it is so important for you to decide. Truly deciding what those boundaries are, and then honoring your boundaries.

Most workplaces are more than accommodating so that their employees stay productive, and keep the working environment happy. If you work for yourself, then you need to take a good long look in the mirror and give yourself some work boundaries. I’ll be the first to admit that when I kept my mind, body, and work in hustle mode all the time, I was grossly unhappy, and it messed with my hormones, productivity, and relationships. Speak up, to your boss, to yourself, to a close friend or your partner, and ask for what you need. 

A beautiful affirmation to work with in regards to boundaries:

"I release my need to take on others emotions as my own and I have clear energetic boundaries that allow me to choose to tap into the energies and emotions of those around me."


Linger in the moment a little bit longer than you normally would. There is so much more information and energy available to you in the microseconds of the present moment than you could even begin to imagine. 

Make your time spent with the "Nutrients" that speak to you the most into a beautiful new Ritual. Ritualizing aspects of your day so you spend less time making decisions that clutter the mind, and more time making decisions that deeply matter, are how you Transform your Intentions into Nutrients that Nourish your Work and Soul. 

I would love to hear your thoughts, and your takeaways from this!

With Love + Whimsy,


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