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Our mother/daughter producer team

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Our Movies & Projects

Hashtag Blessed The Movie - A Christmas Feature

The Christmas Witch - Christmas Feature - Pre production Stage

Coffee & God - Faith based Feature planning stage

The Thunder People - Crime Drama Feature - planning stage

Coop - Family Drama - in planning stage

Mother/Daughter Producer Team

Martina Webster & Dalea Faulkner are a dynamic duo of hands on producers that tackle productions from the very beginning to final distribution. Working with private profit share partners!

Martina Webster:

Martina Webster is the CEO of DarMar Production and several other companies. her goals include bringing more film industry into their areas as well as becoming a funding source for movie makers and producing “Movies with Meaning”. She has served on the board of film festivals and is the Owner of the Show Low Film Festival.  Her Christmas Feature  "Hashtag Blessed The Movie" is in distribution negotiations for the 2022 season. Future projects are Coffee & God , The Christmas Witch, Coop & The Thunder People. 

Past projects include Justin Haywards' Music Video "The Wind of Heaven", “Turnover the Movie,” “Evie's Christmas Gift”, "Sis" Dalea Faulkner: 

Dalea Faulkner is a whimsical fantasy author, creating adventures for you to unwind and escape into. Fans of her work experience poetic movement and colorful realms, as they learn more about themselves, and her characters. Creator of the Amberlight Valley Series, Dalea is an accomplished Writer, Song Writer, Creative Artist, Screen Writer, Business Mentor, and Speaker. In addition to her business skills, she has also appeared in films and commercials. Her current projects include a YA Fanstasy novel, “The Christmas Witch”, a Children’s book, “The Magic of Night”, and adding stories to The Amberlight Valley Series.   

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