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Your gifts matter! I’m here to remind you and help guide you back to them. I stand for our innate bioluminescence, and I’m here to help you reclaim it. Whatever brought you here today, is the Universe giving you it’s existential nudge. You’ve finally realized that you are ready, to step into that next authentic evolution of self.


You are a gift. You are light. You are of Nature. The air in your lungs, the fire in your heart, the earth between your toes, the tears that you cry, and the wishes you pray. You are a living tribute to the 5 Elements.

We created a safe space for self expression and spiritual growth. We created a place for the collective sisterhood to tap into the wisdom of the 5 Elements: Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Stardust(Ether/Spirit/Space). We created an energetic container supporting of Starlings from all walks and stages of life. 



We are working together to create true harmony in our lives. Balance is a lie we have bought into for too long... and We would love for you to join us.

  •  Monthly Rhythm + Elemental Focus
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  •  Monthly Sustainable Spiritual Practices
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  •  Exclusive Meditations, Spiritual Tools, + Content
  •  Exclusive Podcast *coming soon!* only Available to Members 
  •  Exclusive Soul Star Community (here on the site) to connect with all Starlings inside Sanctuary
  •  The Highest of Vibes

Come as you are, and if you feel called to share this with a fellow Starling that could use it… please do.

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Meet Your Guide

I’m Dalea, /dəlijə/

Author, Creatrix, + Visionary.

I’m here to help you find your light again through the magic of words. 

As a curator of words + whimsy, I love travel adventures, exploring nature, and spending time with my Family.

In addition to writing books, poetry, and screenplays, I make movies with meaning, and mentor souls along the way in their own Spiritual Journeys.