The Christmas Witch 

Amberlight Valley Series Book 1

[Book 1]

If you like Gilmore Girls + Harry Potter, you will LOVE The Christmas Witch! If the only way to save your home town, was to partner with your middle school nemesis... would you do it? Will Brigid find The Amberlight Stone and restore the dwindling magick in the Valley? 

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Lost in Time 

Amberlight Valley Series Book 2

[Book 2]

Follow Brigid, Cerridwen, and Morgan's journey in this Sequel to The Christmas Witch. A series of strange happenings find Brigid trapped in another realm of time. 

How will Brigid get back to modern day Amberlight Valley? There's no knowing when we're going...

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Hashtag Blessed 


It’s Christmastime and Jessi is all but excited. She finds herself with comparisonitis in the world of social media. Other women her age just seem to “have it all”. Will Jessi ever see the love that is right in front of her? Will she continue down her dark path of negativity and struggle, or will the magic of Christmas shine light on her future?

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6 Days Back to Soul Challenge

Six Days Back to Soul is a self paced course for the Modern Mystic, that helps you get back to the core energy that is your Soul! 

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