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If you like Gilmore Girls + Harry Potter, you will LOVE The Christmas Witch!

If the only way to save your home town, was to partner with your middle school nemesis... would you do it?

After moving to the mysterious and magickal, Amberlight Valley, a young girl discovers magickal powers of her own... and must do exactly that. 

Middle school is hard enough for Brigid Baelfyre, working through the recent loss of her father while attempting to make the first Christmas away from Scotland special for her and her mother. 

In the midst of the whirlwind that is her life, Brigid must endure the taunts of Morgan Asarligt. The dark and moody princess of Amberlight Valley Middle School, seems to have a deep interest in the tease and torment of our ginger-haired heroine. 

Things take a strange turning point once they are assigned as science partners, and stumble upon what could only be a magick spell. 

They discover the myths and legends of Amberlight Valley are not myths at all, learning a dark force will return soon. Only when the moon is waxing to become full on Halloween, will The Stygian Myst be able to return. 

It has been said that the Myst is like a creature protecting itself from the light of the valley, with the desire to consume everything which falls into its path... including The Amberlight Stone, the source of magick for the Valley.

With the Myst threatening to eradicate all that is pure and magickal, Brigid struggling to understand her own powers, and Morgan's ever growing attitude, the fate of Amberlight Valley rests in the hands of a thirteen-year old, inexperienced witch.

Will Brigid find The Amberlight Stone and restore the dwindling magick in the Valley with Morgan's help, or will Morgan thwart her every effort for personal gain?

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Hi! I'm Dalea.


I used to dream about creating a sacred space online to share with other souls, where we could grow and heal together. Now, I'm dreaming with my eyes open, and have made this a reality! (I am so glad you found your way here, too!)

Over the years I have undergone many evolutions and transformations (Hello Gemini Sun!), deep emotional healing (Oh Hi there Cancer Moon!), and finally stepping out of the shadows and into the Light of my own Power (There's that Leo Rising!)

Ultimately... I’m here to help you find your light again through the magic of words.